OK, wow, now this IS news, it appears that Lindy-Fay Hella has sung on one of the new My Dying Bride tracks and we also have the title of it too. “But Once Black”. This is amazing, for those not familiar with Lindy-Fay Hella simply look her up you’ll quickly understand. Anyway here we are.


“This spring I was provided with some music which basically entailed nothing but sorrowful guitar lines from Andrew, with a note that I could do whatever I wanted with it regarding vocal ideas. Given freedom like this is for me very rewarding, unexpected things can come up then. However, when I heard the guitars a certain mood, feeling and melody immediately came into my mind and just would not let go.
My thought was to come up with some other ideas too, so My Dying Bride had something to choose from, but these other ideas just did not feel right.
One morning, waking up with the tune still going in my head, i decided that it had to be this or nothing.
Andrew had already told me that the song was melancholic, but with a kind of light in the end and when I received the lyrics, it all made sense to me. It was like the energy from the guitar playing was the exact same as the lyrics and the words fitted perfectly to the melody.
Although I had the opportunity to cut out some of the words, it felt natural to keep them all. There was some words though that I wanted to emphasize, but i can’t reveal them here.

Lindy-Fay Hella June 6th 2019